Essayacademia Reveals Essential Points to Identify the Scam Sites

Nowadays there are many essay writing companies are available for students help. But selecting the best and good one is not an easy task for students. You know there are lots of students are cheated in online essay writing companies. With the advance technology cheating students are not that much of difficult thing. If the students are knows about the points to spot the cam websites the students can easily protect their self from money and non quality essays.

Essayacademia provides some Essential Points to Identify the Scam Sites for students. Here Essayacademia gives the vital points for discovering the essay writing website is scam or not. These are the very simple techniques to avoid essay scam companies by just check their website. For identifying such scam site you no need to going through the inner procedure of these websites. You can find the writing companies by using these simple techniques.

We can use various ways to identifying good essay writing services. You can simply follow these below explained steps for spotting scam sites within a minute. Let’s go with your confidence…….

You can ask free draft option, yes you have the rights

You will get the chance to ensure the quality of your essays before purchase; you can easily know the standers and quality of these essays. You need to purchase essays only after know the quality of the essays. In my point of view this is the most excellent way to know whether they are genuine or fraud. Because if the essay content is fine, the whole thing will be fine then we do not need to worry about our precious assignments and cash. You can check how many sites suggest free draft facility. By this examine this you can know the real websites these have self-assurance about their writers. I think the Scam sites never offer such facility. Essayacademia provide great services for students they are always like to offer free draft for students who want to make sure the worth of the
essay before purchasing.

Domain names are true? Think again….

Now I would like to mention a simple thing that we can register a domain name within minutes anywhere anytime. The domain does not mean they are UK based company. So don’t evaluate any sites by looking for their domain name. You remember its only name nothing else. Don’t be fooled like an ordinary student.

You are attracted British or UK images?

If yes is your answer you are wrong, because we can add any royalty free images in our sites. There are a range of royalty free image sites accessible for this. We can download any images from these websites. There are many essays writing services using fake images for convincing the students. You never choose a website by checking their overall design and color full images. You need to look only quality of the essays instead of these things.

Bad review stops you to selecting good services?

Yes it commonly happens because many review sites are for only to improve business purposes. They are not looking for the students benefits. Many review sites give fake review about quality service sites for their individual business purposes. The main aim of these review sites were only money. You need to check the present review is original or fake because you should never ever miss any good sites because of these bad reviews.

Do you believe forceful testimonials and reviews?

If you trying to search about the essay writing services you will get lots of good and bad testimonials and reviews. You just remember all good and bad reviews and testimonials are not true. Some scam sites are writing their own reviews. Be intelligent and choosy and select only what you really feel true.

Is Google Adwords are true?

Google Adwords are not related to authenticity. It doesn’t indicate they are legitimate. It means they make use of paid listing services on Google. But various students think that Google is only promoting authentic companies. Google Adwords shows various essay writing companies name but be elegant and clever you need to think is it excellent idea to choose these essay writing company sites only for that.

Provide effective customer support?

Customer service is the main thing in an every essay writing services. We know that all essay writing company’s offers 24/7 customer support for their students but when we try to contact their customer executives they do not respond to our call or chat etc. Nowadays most of the students mainly looking for the best customer support websites for ordering their essays.

They provide Original phone number?

You must check out the website for identify their phone number and landline number based on the place of writing services. You need to find all details and contact information present in the sites is genuine.

From the above steps you can also develop your own methods to find the scam sites. Don’t select any decision without any proper information because your decision is very important. I am sure if you are going through the above simple steps you can spot 99.5 scam sites without spend more time in it. Wishes for your hunting….